General conditions


1. Webshop is conducted by:

Natural World Agata Łazowska-Suwaj


32-085 Modlnica
ul. Kościelna 33

NIP PL 6771011192

POLSKI TEL: +48509345988
ENGLISH TEL : +48 601165415
+48 601165415
Russian TEL: +48 601165415
which sells goods through the webshop.

2. All prices of goods in shop are given in Polish zloty, euro and are the gross prices. Those prices do not include the cost of supply, which depends on the manner of its execution.


Orders can be made through:

1. Submission of a duly completed order form and a confirmation of an order obtained by
clicking on the activation link.

2.Electronic mail sent to this address:
Order must contain a name and the surname of the purchaser, his postal address, phone number and an e-mail address.
In case where the delivery address is different than the address of the purchaser - the address
to which order should be delivered must be included. Order should provide the names, quantities and the prices of the goods ordered. Your order will be confirmed by our staff via email.
Our store reserves the right to review the order, which arises any doubts.

3. In the event of circumstances preventing full or temporary implementation of an order,
the company Active reserves the right to withhold its implementation - along with an
immediate notification of the purchaser.

4. Improperly completed order forms are automatically rejected.

5. Purchased goods are delivered to the address indicated on the order form.

6. Shipping costs are covered by the buyer.


1. Delivery of goods takes place in a manner chosen by the client and specified in the order.

2. Deadline for receipt of the shipment = execution time + delivery time in 7 working days (in
the Polish Republic territory).

3. Delivery of goods by a courier service is made without a guarantee of a specific time
of the delivery. If the deliverer will not find the customer at home, he will leave an advice note,
and the next day, delivery service will try again. After a double unsuccessful delivery
attempt, the courier service calls the receiver and sets the date of a delivery.

4. Delivery is via the Polish Post or courier companies GSL.


1. Form of the payment for the goods should be selected while ordering:

a) the prepayment on the company account,

b) while collecting - payed to the courier / employee of the Polish Post upon receipt
of the goods

c) in cash upon receipt at the branch office in Modlnica

2. In case if the purchased goods are imported under the order and of greater value, we
reserve the right to request an advance.


1. The goods offered in the online store are covered by the guarantee
of quality.

2. Reimbursement can be made by post, enclosing the bill with the notation of the reason for
complaint. In justified cases the product will be exchanged for a full valued one or if it
is not possible, will be refunded to the bank account or by postal mail to the purchasers home

3. In the case of an unjustified complaint, or damaging the goods by the user, all
costs are covered by the customer.

4. In cases where the transport packaging bears traces of the damage or attempt to be opened, a protocol of a damage should be made in the presence of a courier and the package should not be recieved.

5. Purchaser has the right to cancel the contract within 10 days from the date of receipt of delivery, provided there is no trace of use or destruction of goods.
Together with the goods an invoice or receipt should be returned. We guarantee the return of the products value.
The cost of delivery and the return of the goods as well as the transfer of the money is not refundable.

6. Willingness to return or exchange the goods must be notified in advance by mail or telephone.


1. In accordance with Article 24, paragraph. 1 of the Law on the Protection of personal data,
personal data will be entered into the buyer database solely to enable
technical implementation of orders and will not be made available to other entities.

2. Personal data will not be sold, exchanged or otherwise made available to the other operators.


By sending an order, the purchaser declares that he had read the Terms of the store and
accepts its provisions. In case of default of the provisions of the Rules by a purchaser,
incomplete or incorrect entry of data to enable performance of sales contract, company
Active shall be entitled to cancel your order.

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